About us

We are a group of highly specialized water business support organizations located in East Africa and abroad. We offer sector-specific business development expertise built on years of experience in supporting water companies in low-income markets.

Cewas is the world’s first dedicated, impact-oriented WASH entrepreneurship support organization. Since 2010, cewas has worked intensively with 350 entrepreneurs all over the globe scaling their business models, growing their impact-potential and enhancing their investment-readiness. The supported enterprises have created new or improved access to Water and Sanitation for 4.7 Mio people.

For more information, please visit: cewas.org

OPERO Services Ltd is a Kenyan based engineering and business development firm specialized in practical and sustainable solutions for human and solid waste management. OPERO uses innovative thinking, technical expertise and years of experience working in Kenya and other countries from the region.

For more information, please visit: opero-services.com

WASEU is a business association that supports small-scale local entrepreneurs to plan, build and sustain WASH businesses. It was founded in 2015 with the goal of advocating for an enabling environment for WASH entrepreneurs in Uganda.

For more information, please visit: waseu.org/

Established in 2005, The Stone Family Foundation supports innovative, sustainable, entrepreneurial solutions to major social problems. Our focus includes supporting people to access water in the home in Africa and Asia as well as UK portfolios focused on mental health and disadvantaged youth.

For more information, please visit: thesff.com

Aqua for All is a not-for-profit organisation. For almost two decades, we have worked towards catalysing an innovative, sustainable and inclusive water and sanitation economy worldwide.

Aqua for All operates in Africa and Asia supporting innovations and scaling up enterprises until they are investment ready without distorting the market. In addition, we use our funds to mobilise private and public capital to increase investments in water and sanitation.

For more information, please visit: aquaforall.org