Participating rural water businesses

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Meet Our Enterprises

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Kenyan Enterprises

GoSoft Integrated Solutions Ltd.

GoSoft Integrated Solutions Ltd. Logo
Providing smart metering solutions for more cost-efficient water supply management.


Affordable and environmentally friendly water purification and distribution.

Norwa Africa

Innovative water treatment & water pumping solutions.

WaterKiosk Africa

Compact, solar-powered desalination solutions at affordable prices.

Ugandan Enterprises


GoSoft Integrated Solutions Ltd. Logo
Guaranteeing the reliability of community water points.

Irrisol Engineering Ltd.

Socially inclusive and environmentally friendly water supply solutions.

WaterQuip Uganda Limited

Making tap water drinkable in rural schools and other institutions.

Pure Products Ltd.

Pro-female, environmentally friendly water ATM franchising model for BoP markets.

WASHFIN Microfinance Ltd.

Micro-loans to improve water and sanitation solutions in low-income markets.