Before you apply

Make sure that you have carefully read the below sections on target audience, implementation mode, selection criteria as well as cost & commitment

Do I fit in?

We are looking for enterprises that provide innovative solutions related to rural water supply challenges in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. Check the examples below to assess if you might fit our participant profile:

Enterprises that offer solutions such as: Groundwater protection, hydrological surveys, borehole drilling, solar pumps, rainwater harvesting, etc.
Storage & Treatment
Enterprises that offer solutions such as: Water tanks, desalination, purification, etc.
Enterprises that offer solutions such as: Piped water supply, water atms, water kiosks, bottled water, water delivery, etc.
Operation & Mantenance
Enterprises that offer solutions such as: Water point operation, repair services for water supply infrastructure, etc.
Support Services & Products
Enterprises that offer solutions to professionalize services such as: Remote monitoring, water infrastructure design, spare parts supply, plumbing, data management, business-in-a-box models, etc.

Selection Criteria

Solution for rural water
We will support businesses that offer innovative, sustainable solutions for rural and peri-urban water supply in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda with a potential to scale.
You need to be legally registered as an organization in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania or Rwanda.
We will support businesses with a proven track record, initial customer base, recurring sales and solid communication materials
We will prioritize team players and organizations that are structured and managed in a smart way
Social and environmental Impact
We will prioritize businesses that directly or indirectly improve the access to clean water in rural and peri-urban areas, especially for vulnerable groups including low-income customer segments, youth and/or women
Growth & risk appetite
We are looking for businesses with a hunger to scale, a long-term strategic vision and innovative ideas on how to attain such a vision.

Implementation Mode


Meet and work with us face-to-face during the programme’s bootcamps in Nairobi and Kampala (TBC)


Work online with us on specific tasks of the acceleration programme and join us on Zoom for key input sessions


Receive individual coaching, focused training, and networking as well as peer-learning opportunities both off-/ and online

In the field

Develop and implement business transformation projects with our technical and financial support

Cost & Commitment

How much time do I have to commit to the participation in the programme?
Participation in the East Africa Rural Water Accelerator is a time-intensive endeavour and will require 4h of dedication per week on average, much more for peak moments throughout the programme (e.g. transformation project, technical assistance, etc.). In addition, participants need to be present full-time for some of the programme components – i.e. the face-to-face bootcamp in Nairobi and Kampala – which will last 5 full days in a row. Availability to travel for these trainings is a precondition. The programme starts in June 2023 and ends in June 2024, the most intense phase will be June-December 2023.
What does the participation cost?
The participation in the programme itself is free of cost. This means, all direct costs related with the participation in the acceleration programme – trainings, networking events, coaching sessions, etc. – are covered by us. On the other hand, indirect costs related to travel, overnight stays, food, etc. have to be partially covered by the participating businesses. A fee of USD 150 will be collected per person who participates in the bootcamps in Nairobi and Kampala. Participants have the possibility to access a USD 10’000 catalytic grant. This fund is to be used exclusively for the transformation project developed during the programme.
Who from my team should participate?
Working with us is intense and we need your CEO or an adequate representation (e.g. Co-founder, business development director, etc.) to participate as single point of contact during the entire duration of the programme, especially for key events (bootcamps, pitching events, etc.).

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